HI•TEC 2017

with Bryan Ong, David Campbell, David Morgareidge, Gunther De Graeve, Ian Gibson , Kenichi Sato, Kristen Whittle, Miao Chun Yan, Michael Hess, Ng Kim Hoon, Peter Barkman, Peter Bodon, Serena Yap, Serge Lefevere, Susie Pearn , Yeo Meng Tong. from 03/07/2017 07:00 AM to 03/08/2017 23:59 PM

Singapore’s healthcare infrastructure sector is growing rapidly as the government is making major investments in preparation for the increasing demand from our ageing population. This provides opportunities for local and regional industry players to re-think strategies and leverage on the smart solutions available to support the expansion of healthcare facilities today.

At HI•TEC 2017, MOH Holdings will partner the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources and the Department of Health & Human Services, Victoria, Australia, as well as the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), to bring together international speakers to deliver the strategies for tomorrow’s smart healthcare infrastructure solutions. Among the topics to be discussed are ambient intelligence, smart assistive technology, integrated sensory systems and increased construction productivity. At this event, delegates will gain insights into how government authorities optimise their future healthcare infrastructure delivery systems and ensure sustainable models of care for the community. The latest technologies and state-of-the-art healthcare innovations to meet national standards of appropriate care will also be showcased.

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HI•TEC 2017 Programme


Participating companies



Annual Service Providers Dialogue (for contractors and consultants)

Want to gain insights on MOH Holdings’ projects?
Register early as seats are limited! Priority will be given to HI•TEC 2017 delegates.

To enable two-way communication between MOH Holdings (MOHH) healthcare projects teams and its contractors and consultants to improve the delivery of healthcare projects in Singapore, MOHH is introducing the inaugural Annual Service Providers Dialogue for the industry to better understand the requirements of MOHH and hence, bid successfully for healthcare development projects. Co-located with HI•TEC, the dialogue session will take place on the second day of the conference.

About the Programme

Er Koh Beng Thong, Chief Healthcare Infrastructure Projects Officer will update on MOH’s upcoming healthcare infrastructure projects, key engineering and management strategies and productivity focus areas. These are relevant to consultants and construction processes for general and community hospitals, specialist medical centres, polyclinics and nursing homes.

Mr Lim Cheng Jin, Director, Procurement and Contracts Division will explain the tender requirements of MOH’s healthcare consultancy and infrastructure projects. Mr Lim will share insights on the public sector tender evaluation methods such as Quality Fee Method (version 2) and Price Quality Method (version 2).
Mr Joseph Lim, Deputy Director, Healthcare Infrastructure Projects Division will explain the structure of MOH’s tender opportunity system and how to become a top-rated consultant/contractor.

Er Tan Chee Leng, Deputy Director, Healthcare Infrastructure Projects Division will share on the key construction productivity strategies of MOH projects.
Ms Ng Kim Hoon, Director, Healthcare Infrastructure Projects Division will share on MOHH’s experience in the adoption of Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) for the Woodlands Crescent nursing home project.
This dialogue session will also include a question and answer discussion session for delegates to further their understanding of MOHH’s requirements, so as to bid confidently and productively for projects.


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All substitution requests must be emailed to the Organiser at mohh.conferences@mohh.com.sg by 23 February 2017. The full name, organisation details, designation and contact details of the substitute delegate must be provided. Please indicate subject title as “Substitution of Invited Participation”.
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The Organiser reserves the right to alter the programme, topics, and dates of HI•TEC 2017 without prior consent from and notification to the delegates. The Organiser reserves the right to change the line-up of speakers at HI•TEC 2017 as it deems appropriate.
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Delegates of HI•TEC 2017 are eligible to earn:
a) Up to 8 Professional Development Unit (PDU) points, awarded by the Professional Engineers Board Singapore, as follows:
    • 7 March 2017 (both morning and afternoon sessions) – 5 PDU points
    • 8 March 2017 (morning session) – 3 PDU points
b) 4 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points, awarded by the Board of Architects – Singapore Institute of Architects.
     Delegates must attend all sessions on both days (7 and 8 March 2017) to be eligible for the CPD points.
*Delegates are required to submit their details at the registration counter during the tea/lunch breaks to claim PDU and CPD points

Keynote speakers

Mr David Campbell

Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade)
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Ms Susie Pearn

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Ms Serena Yap

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Mr Kristen Whittle

Bates Smart
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Prof Miao Chun Yan

Nanyang Technological University
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Mr Gunther De Graeve

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Mr Yeo Meng Tong

National Parks Board
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Ms Ng Kim Hoon

MOH Holdings Pte Ltd
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Mr Ian Gibson

Healthcare Delivery Modelling
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Mr Peter Bodon

The Simulation Group
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Mr David Morgareidge

Page Southerland Page
United States
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Mr Peter Barkman

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Mr Bryan Ong

Microsoft Regional Sales Corporation Pte Ltd
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Dr Kenichi Sato

Japan Primary Care Association
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Mr Serge Lefevere

DETOO Architects
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Mr Michael Hess

HGA Architects and Engineers
United States
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Select conference session to join:
Item No. Description Files
1 Mr David Campbell, Innovation in Australian healthcare: Challenges and opportunities HITEC2017-Topic01.pdf
2 Ms Susie Pearn and Ms Serena Yap, Healthcare projects planning and delivery for the future HITEC2017-Topic02.pdf
3 Mr Kristen Whittle, Nurture through nature HITEC2017-Topic03.pdf
4 Prof Miao Chun Yan, AI Empowered Unobtrusive Sensing for Ageing in Place HITEC2017-Topic04.pdf
5 Mr Gunther De Graeve, Enabling health facilities with future smart technologies: Considerations during master plan to quality patient outcomes HITEC2017-Topic05.pdf
6 Mr Yeo Meng Tong, Designing Therapeutic Gardens for Healing HITEC2017-Topic06.pdf
7 Ms Ng Kim Hoon, Designing Therapeutic Gardens for Healing in Nursing Homes HITEC2017-Topic07.pdf
8 Mr Ian Gibson, Mr Peter Bodon and Mr David Morgareidge, Using predictive analytics and computer simulation to improve the performance of healthcare infrastructure HITEC2017-Topic08.pdf
9 Mr Peter Barkman, Service design as a tool in healthcare development HITEC2017-Topic09.pdf
10 Mr Bryan Ong, Empowering Health With Smart Technologies and Intelligent Systems HITEC2017-Topic10.pdf
11 Mr Serge Lefevere, Hospital of Things - How to design a ‘Smart Hospital’ HITEC2017-Topic11.pdf
12 Mr Michael Hess, Enhanced Planning/Design Process for Healthcare Facilities through the use of VR Technologies HITEC2017-Topic12.pdf